If you are quite often in the bare and there is some sun, you probably already wondered what the best way to protect your skin is. This is especially true for areas you are not used to put sunscreen on, which are more sensitive! I totally get the issue. I did some research and found a possible solution in mineral-based sunscreens, which are a great option for so many different reasons. And I listed for you my three favourite ones to use this summer.


Why it is best to use mineral-based sunscreens

The first obvious reason is that it is better for your skin. Chemical-based sunscreens tend to soak into your skin, which is likely to cause an allergic reaction. Mineral-based sunscreens rather act as a shield, which limits the likelihood of reactions.

Besides being better for your body, these sunscreens are also better for the environment. This is because they don’t release any harmful chemicals or components into nature. It has in fact been proven that regular sunscreens are extremely detrimental to coral reefs and marine life. The contamination mostly happens when you swim – but even if you only sunbathe, the sunscreen will go in the sewage system when you shower, and then ultimately in the ocean too.


Blue Lizard Australian Sunscreen

natural sunscreen summerMy first favourite sunscreen is Blue Lizard Australian Sunscreen. It has been created in Australia, so it is safe to say that it does the job of protecting you from the sun – the sun down-under is unforgiving!

It doesn’t contain any chemicals that would be harmful to the environment, as Aussies really care about the Great Barrier Reef (and so should we). This is why the sunscreen has been created in the first place.

It is also really fun as it has a cap which changes colour when it has been exposed for too long to the sun. Which means it is also time for you to put a new layer of sunscreen on.

Find it here (UK), or here (USA).


Cotz Sunscreen

sunscreen sun summerOn top of being mineral-based, this sunscreen also does not contain any oils. This is really enjoyable as I personally don’t like to feel greasy!

It is not tested on animals either, which makes it even better. Other features are that it does not contain any fragrances, preservatives or phthalates.

Cotz works particularly well under your foundation too. It is slightly tinted, so it blends nicely. What more could we ask?

Find it here (UK), or here (USA).


Thinkbaby Sunscreen

sunscreen summer sunPeople rarely think of it, but sunscreens intended for babies have obviously been formulated with very delicate skins in mind. Many dermatologists in fact recommend even adults use them.

Thinkbaby Sunscreen is vegan, cruelty-free (the brand is a member of Leaping Bunny) and free from any detrimental chemicals. It lasts for up to 80 minutes into water.

Cherry on the top: even the packaging is environmental friendly! There are no BPA, vinyl or phthalates in it either.

Find it here (UK), or here (USA).


Which sunscreen do you want to try? Let me know!