Another chapter in my blog mini-series about great learning resources to inspire your journey to Body Positivity. Today, I bring you four hugely interesting and successful podcasts. I would love to hear if you know these, if you know any other good ones, and perhaps what you’d like to read about next? Feel free to leave comments below! Namaste 🙏


1. Recovery Warriors

Recovery Warriors is a wonderful website dedicated to boosting the emotional intelligence and resilience of people struggling with depression, anxiety and eating disorders. The founder, Jessica Flint, believes that the ‘long road’ to recovery has a purpose, and everyone’s story has meaning – and she curates resources designed to help readers find that meaning.

This includes podcasts, with topics ranging from combating loneliness to breaking the achievement trap, from breaking free from the thin ideal to how to take things one step and a time, from owning your grief to abolishing shame and renewing body trust (top of my list of course!).


2. Christy Harrison

Christy Harrison is an anti-diet registered dietitian and certified intuitive eating counsellor, who specialises in helping people make peace with food and reclaim the time and energy lost to diet culture.

In her podcast, Food Psych, she talks with inspiring people about their relationships with food, roads to body acceptance, and revolutionary ideas about what health really means – plus resources to help listeners set free from our culture’s toxic messages about what we “should” eat and how we “should” look.


3. Fearless Rebelle

Hosted by Summer Innanen, Fearless Rebelle is a podcast dedicated to body positivity and self-worth.
It features interviews with the leading experts in body image, the anti-diet movement, self-help, and feminism.

Summer Innanen is a professionally trained coach specialising in body image, self-worth and confidence. She understands the issues first-hand, as she too spent her youth obsessing about food and dieting – until she had a complete hormonal breakdown at the age of 32. That’s when she stopped obsessing about food, and instead started to look at the deeper issues with confidence and identity. I love her Fearless approach.


4. Maddy Moon

Madelyn Moon is an author, podcast host, retreat leader and transformational life coach. In her own words, she is on a forever mission to inspire women across the world to play bigger, speak louder and take full advantage of the one life they have been gifted while staying connected to their spirituality and trust in a higher power. Her goal for all the women she coaches? End the era of low self-worth, over-thinking, feeling weird in your body and not speaking up.

In her podcast, she features inspiring women and men, to discuss common issues such as taking charge of your own career, overcoming anxiety and depression, transformational breathwork, the food-mood connection, ayurveda, and lots more.