Most people practice yoga as a form of personal improvement, to enhance physical form, aid mental health, and at the very least combat stress and boost their mood.
Then have you thought about applying the same principles, and practicing yoga as a couple to bring the same benefits to your relationship?

Use yoga not just to strengthen your body, but also to strengthen your bond. Known as couples yoga or partner yoga, this kind of practice allows partners to relate to one another through assisted poses, stretching their levels of trust and strengthening communication.

So let’s delve more into 5 reasons why you should consider practicing yoga with your partner:


1. Bonding

Daily life can have an impact on relationships. Not having time to spend together, or still thinking about work and other things when indeed you are together – in the same physical space, but certainly not in connection. Making the commitment to practice together is the first step towards better bonding – making a decision as partners, allocating quality time for an activity as a couple. Plus, the great thing about yoga is that it’s about being totally present in the moment, which means you and your partner will be giving each other your complete attention.


2. Trust

The practice of partner yoga relies on interdependence. Many positions will require you to support your partner as well as being open to receiving support to find balance in the pose. And you will be constantly communicating, verbally and nonverbally. This kind of vulnerability and reliance will help strengthen the trust you have in each other.


3. Intimacy

Couples who engage in challenging new activities together can feel an increase in both relationship quality and romantic attraction. The close physical contact created by the poses is actually a beautiful way for couples to find a great type of physical intimacy that is not related to sex – and an appreciation of each other’s presence and body in a non-sexual way creates the grounds for deeper respect and attraction. But then the close skin contact created through the poses can lead to renewed sexual appeal towards each other, which is never a bad outcome!


4. Motivation

If you think about partner yoga as a physical activity, then it’s a perfect way to create a common goal – not just to achieve #fitnessgoals like gym rats, but perhaps to achieve more balance, flexibility, improved quality of sleep, and overall better health. And you know that when a couple support each other through the journey, the chances that they both achieve their goals are much higher. Being able to achieve a goal with your partner brings a new kind of strength and closeness to the relationship.


5. Memories

When you go on holiday, you often do special things together – going for walks, swimming, to the spa for couples treatments. Then you come home and go back to the usual routine… Why not use couples yoga to mimic that feeling – of a special time dedicated to being together. If you commit to a time and a place for it, you will create not only a routine, but a happy place in your mind you will always be fond of.


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