As you know by now, Doria Yoga is all about body positivity. It’s something I deeply believe in, and that I want to help everyone achieve. I love working with people 1-2-1 to create meaningful conversations about how they perceive their relationship with their own body, but I also use my blog and newsletter to share as much knowledge as I can.

So today I want to introduce you to two books about body positivity that I think make for an excellent read. Let me know what you think!


Body Gossip by Ruth Rogers and Natasha Devon

body gossip book positivity nakedThe complete title reads: “Celebrities and the public unite to bring you the real story of the Great British Body”. This book is a collection of more than 300 short stories written by people all over the UK. Some of them are totally unknown whilst others are celebrities and politicians. All the stories are related to body image. Which already shows how we can all connect to the subject, no matter our background.

I also really like the variety of approaches, as body image is connected to so many different topics: ageing, sport, disabilities… So no matter how you connect to your body, you will find an angle that sounds familiar in this book. And I find this particularly inspiring.

This book is part of the Body Gossip campaign, which has been collecting stories about the body since 2006. The aim of this non-profit is to empower everyone to be the best version of themselves and rock their own brand of gorgeous.

You can buy it here (UK), or here (USA).


Curvology: the Origins and Power of Female Body Shape by David Bainbridge

curves women body positiveIn this book, Cambridge professor of Veterinary Anatomy David Bainbridge explains why women are the sole female animals to have curves, thanks to evolutionary biology. He goes further by explaining the role of these curves in today’s society, from social hierarchy to self-image.

I like this book because it gives a new perspective on women’s curves. After all, if curves are normal – and even necessary – to women, why should we give so much negative attention to this element that we cannot control anyway?

The best part of the book is that it also comes with several interviews by different women. I personally never get tired of reading such inspiring stories.

You can buy it here (UK), or here (USA).


And you, what’s your favourite Body Positive book?