Namaste, yoga lovers! 🙏 Are you ready to finally take up yoga? Have you been fearing not being prepared enough to join a class? Well, that’s no longer an excuse: for those of you who need a gentle but extensive introduction, on Monday 23 September I will be running another Beginners Yin Naked Yoga Course.

This is a 6-week foundational class that will help you feel comfortable in your body and familiar with the practice of Yin Yoga and the 7 Chakras to become more in tune with the natural energy cycles of your body.

We will discuss the location and purpose of each chakra, and we will also talk about the symptoms you might experience when they are balanced or unbalanced. At the end of each class, you will receive an email with further information about the last session.

We will explore physical alignment to safely move through the poses (asanas), and simple breathing techniques (pranayama) to help you build strength, increase flexibility, and practice mindfulness all in the nude.

Yin Yoga is a stilling practice in which poses are held for longer, typically from 3 to 5 minutes, which makes it particularly suitable for beginners.

As always in the Clapham North studio on Mondays, from 20:00 to 21:30, the course will run from September 23 to October 22 and is open to both men and women of all colours, shapes, sizes and sexual orientations.

The investment for the entire course (6 classes of 90 minutes each = 9 hours) is £147.



The details

When: from Sept 23 to Oct 22 2019
Schedule: Mondays, 8pm
Where: Clapham North
Who is it for: Open to both men and women