Have you heard about ‘Nacations’? That is: going on vacation, but all in the nude. Whilst this is not a new idea, it is something that has gained exposure and momentum quite recently. I personally always have enjoyed my naked vacations. Today, I will share with you why you should definitely consider a nacation for your next experience!


Being nude is just the most natural way of being

Let’s think about it, not having any clothes on is the most natural state you can ever be in. And it’s also the most comfortable one. I have always been bothered by sand being in places it shouldn’t be, or by having to constantly adjust my swimsuit. If you are in the nude, none of these things are an inconvenience.

It’s also not as scary as it seems. Once you get used to the idea, for example after a day or two in a nudist or clothing-optional resort, chances are you will be convinced forever.


Nacations give you new perspectives

Body hatred or body shaming is a big issue nowadays. Many people are not really comfortable with their body. The less on show, the better. Going into nacations is a powerful way to break this negative cycle.

Chances are you will meet someone in the bare with “flaws” similar to the ones you see with your own body. Seeing that other people have them too is really helpful for you to gain confidence. If they can walk around with no shame, so can you. And it’s also reassuring that no one is really paying attention to how you look, since the nudist community is really safe and welcoming.


Nacation is a stress-reliever

If you are able to take your clothes off around other people, this shows that you have been able to let go of many of your insecurities. And this is a huge stress-reliever. I challenge you to add up every minute you worry about your body or how it looks, or how you look in general. If you are naked, and once you get used to it, none of these things will worry you.

Nacations are also really great because you will meet like-minded people for sure. Which makes everything easier.

It is also really exciting as you will be able to experience several activities, all in the nude. And this is a great way to create new memories!

So, will you take my advice and try a nacation?