noun 1 silence; quiet; hush. 2 the absence of motion. * You probably have days when it feels like your life is out of control. You may be overscheduled, trying to squeeze everything in and trying to make everybody happy. * Wrong! * Being a people pleaser is hard and...

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There is a story of a woman running away from tigers. * She runs and runs and the tigers are getting closer and closer. When she comes to the edge of a cliff, she sees some vines there, so she climbs down and holds on to the vines. Looking down, she sees that there...

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Exactly 12 months ago I taught my first co-ed naked yoga class in London. * I remember I was so scared of being judged that only the idea of it made me feel sick. * Despite the fact that I was petrified of teaching in a room full of naked strangers, I put my “super...

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