Yoga will change your life

Ashtanga Vinyasa, Rocket, Yin and Naked Yoga

Private classes


Private one-to-one or small groups yoga classes can be organised at your home workplace, and tailored to your specific needs.


In the individual class, I will give full attention to every single position, focusing on your balance, strenght and flexibility.

Private lessons are available for all levels, including beginners. 

Co-Ed Naked Yoga 



While many equate being naked with sex, this couldn't be further from the truth

in a naked yoga class. 


Naked Yoga is about being comfortable in your own skin

and the amazing confidence that comes with it.


It's about knowing, accepting and loving yourself at your core.


Group Yoga Sessions

Would you like to practice with just your friends? 
No problem, I can come to your house or we can rent a studio.

When you practice side-by-side with someone close to you, you subconsciously feel that person's energy and you're more likely to let go and make the most that yoga practice can give you.

Skype Yoga Sessions

Thanks to Skype, I am excited to offer private yoga lessons from my home to yours.
Perhaps you live a busy life and can't commit to regular classes. You might be travelling but still want to keep up with your practice. You have children, don't live near a yoga studio, or you're a beginner and find group classes intimidating.


All of this can be overcome with a private yoga class delivered at your convenience, and individual guidance will empower you.

Classes in Battersea Park or your local park


There is nothing quite like practicing yoga outdoor, absorbing the sun's energy and breathing in the fresh air of Battersea Park (or another park you love). 


We will practice right in front of the Peace Pagoda or any of your favourite spots in the park (weather permitting).


Your Yoga Retreat

Are you passionated about yoga? Want to enhance your practice and enjoy the luxury of time away from the pressures of everyday life?
Join me on a private retreat, during which I am at your complete disposal to create the ultimate experience you seek and deserve.

I will allow you to completely immerse yourself in yoga and deepen and develop your practice at your own pace. So, where are we going next? India, Hawaii or Italy? 

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