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  • Julie G. (Sunday, November 19 17 02:21 pm GMT)

    I finally found MY teacher!! Doria is exactly the kind of guidance that I was looking for. I had a very difficult birth which left me with a huge scar on my abdomen. After the surgery, I always been afraid of showing my naked body and this insecurity built up with time. Having had the courage to book a class with Doria, I'm now addicted to her teaching and I'm looking forward to working with her every week. I'm now accepting my own body with all my imperfections and I'm happy to share my experience. DORIA THANKS for being awesome and BRAVE!.

  • Rebecca (Sunday, November 05 17 09:09 pm GMT)

    I am so lucky that I have found Doria's class! She is an incredible and patient teacher who has opened up a world of yoga that is challenging- exactly what I need. Doria has a magic about her teaching that makes me so comfortable and motivated in every class. I can not say enough great things about Doria's teachings! She is fantastic!

  • Louise (Friday, September 22 17 05:01 pm BST)

    I really enjoyed Doria's class. She is an excellent teacher and led the class beautifully.

    I was apprehensive about attending, but Doria led the class so well that you kind of just forget about the naked thing.

    The studio is a really nice space, with sensible numbers in the class. It's one of the only yoga classes I have been to where you aren't all cramped in a class with 40 other students!

    I highly recommend this class. You will feel amazing afterwards.

  • Ian (Monday, September 18 17 09:21 pm BST)

    Doria has a profound knowledge of yoga, and is a genuine expert. She made me think about the classes with other teachers I have attended previously, which now appear superficial in comparison. She is able to make yoga deep, whilst at the same time keeping the session fun. She has a fun and inspiring personally, and one certainly comes away feeling enriched by the experience.

    Kind regards


  • David (Saturday, May 20 17 10:05 am BST)

    From the first 'hello' Doria makes you feel welcome and at ease. My first session was challenging but extremely rewarding. I knew instantly that this was the place I was meant to be.

    Having been several more weeks now, I can honestly say each one has been progressively more enjoyable, with better outcomes. Each time, I leave feeling more relaxed, more energised, more aligned (inside and out), more accomplished, more everything that is positive.

    And it really is down to the amazing Doria! She always manages to put a smile on my face!

    I began my journey into yoga simply wanting to be more flexible, but I have learned so much more and benefited in multiple ways.

    Doria, for your part in this, thank you!

  • James (Sunday, April 16 17 11:05 am BST)

    “ An excellent class in a nice, warm and friendly environment. Doria was welcoming to the class and helped to make it a comfortable experience with a professional environment. I will definitely attend again in the future. ”

  • John (Tuesday, March 21 17 09:39 pm GMT)

    Below are some words that only begin to describe Doria and her Yoga class that I attended this evening.
    Beautiful - Creative - Playful - Grounding - Enlightening - Loving - Embracing - Heartfelt - Sweet - Nurturing - Balanced - Peaceful - Joyful - Challenging - Welcoming - Gorgeous.
    Part of it is her presence, part her thoughtful approach to movement and alignment, part what she's able to bring out in each of the people in the room.
    I am eternally grateful for her contribution to my spiritual growth and enlightenment by accepting me into her class, at first I thought I would feel embarrassed after the first couple of minutes I relaxed and I believe it has opened my eyes to a new kind of yoga.
    She breathes so much love and light into her teaching - it is impossible to leave without a euphoric spirit and a smile right now I am feeling alive.

    Thank You

  • Michael (Friday, February 24 17 08:11 am GMT)

    I had the immense pleasure of practising with Doria for the first time this week and it was a fabulous experience. She's a wonderful, warm and inspiring teacher and deftly led the class of mixed-abilities, succinctly outlining the 3 options for each level. As for the naked part... you really need to experience it to appreciate how non-confronting it is. The room is dark, lit only by the orange glow from the heaters and the mats are arranged in a horse-shoe, so no one is behind or in front of you. Vinyasa Flow is an energetic style and you are so focused on your own practise and your own breath that the rest of the class melts away to peripheral consciousness. It honestly feels like the natural way to practise yoga to me and I'll be taking Doria's class as often as possible.

  • Marla G. (Saturday, February 04 17 06:17 pm GMT)

    “ My yoga experience with Doria has been nothing short of wonderful. The setting is warm, and welcoming. She gives us modifications if any poses are too difficult and is very pleasant to be taught by. I have gone for two weeks straight and I look forward to attending many more sessions. Naked yoga is a great way to get in touch with our true selves, without hiding anything or expecting to be different than how we are... Thank you so much Doria! ”

  • Danny (Thursday, January 26 17 09:26 pm GMT)

    I can only say - go for it! - whether you are an experienced yogi(ni) like I am, or are new to this world.

    A class with Doria will definitely take you to the next level and you will be in the safest of hands from beginning to end.

    Thank you and ... Namaste

  • Ali (Saturday, December 03 16 05:35 pm GMT)

    Thanks for an incredible class! I booked a private lesson with Doria - when she arrived I felt immediately comfortable and more relaxed by simply being in her presence.

    I have done yoga a few times before, this session with Doria felt like no other, it gave me a feeling I have never previously felt from yoga. a really healing experience for both my body and mind.

    I can't wait to book again!

  • Andrea (Saturday, December 03 16 11:39 am GMT)

    I'm a complete beginner and I was quite scared of just thinking of trying yoga as I'm not flexible at all. I must admit, Doria is a very kind and beautiful soul, she guided me through this journey in a very special way, with patience and dedication. I have discovered that we don't have to be flexible to practise yoga, we just need to enjoy the journey and trust the process. For anyone sceptical, please give it a try, Doria is an absolute pleasure to practice with you!!!!Thanks Andrea

  • Mark (Sunday, September 18 16 07:06 pm BST)

    I was interested in trying Naked Yoga for a long time when a friend recommended me Doria. I've been practising with her for about 6 months and I just love it! It is a completely liberating experience
    and I always leave feeling rejuvenated.

  • Agatka (Friday, February 26 16 06:29 am GMT)

    I'm one of the Doria's Instagram and Facebook followers and I had the pleasure to meet her during one of her trips here in Bali. As Doria had only 3 days left in Bali we only had a couple of
    sessions. She is passionate, funny,and friendly. Her love for yoga really come through in her classes and her teaching style is clear, strong as motivating. I use to spend 6 months in Bali and 6 in
    London, so, I will definitely contact her again in September once back in UK. Thanks Doria, keep doing what you love.

  • Nick (Thursday, January 07 16 08:15 am GMT)

    Doria's classes are quite simply my favourite. I practice yoga every week in London, at a variety of studios with a number of teachers as my schedule suits. However, I keep to Doria's classes. They
    are challenging, fun and varied. In particular, I love how great they are for toning and conditioning, and how she encourages you to push yourself to achieve beyond your expectations. I play football
    and my strength and endurance on the pitch has noticeably improved since I started Doria's classes. Highly recommended! :)

  • Eric (Tuesday, March 31 15 03:23 pm BST)

    I met Doria through FitnessOnFire in Westminster and I decided to book a One to One session with her. Doria has shown me what meditation can be through movement. Her classes are truly an amazing
    experience and one that has become integral to my practice. I find myself being able to push myself in her classes through my body breath and mind and supersede my limitations. She has so much
    knowledge to share and I am so thankful to be able to deepen my practice with her!

  • Susy (Sunday, November 30 14 10:45 pm GMT)

    Amazing and inspiring yoga teacher

  • Valerie (Friday, September 19 14 11:11 pm BST)

    Really good value, wasn't sure what to expect but very pleasantly surprised!Made to feel very welcome by the teacher the hour had a fantastic flow to it and I left thoroughly well worked and

  • Jay (Sunday, August 24 14 06:34 pm BST)

    Doria was fantastic, her warm welcome, energy and professionalism made for a great session. This was my first but not my last yoga session and I feel well worked and ready for more. Absolutely

  • Alex (Tuesday, April 29 14 08:32 pm BST)

    That was superb! A bit hard but definitely worth it! looking forwards to keep the balance just with my head...let's say lesson n.4!! Thank you and namaste!

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