Last night’s Co-Ed was more than what I could have expected. I wasn’t too sure that Naked Yoga was or could be my thing. I even was a bit reluctant to attend. My worries vanished in the first 5 minutes of the practice. Doria makes it feel so normal that you can only feel this way. The practice was suitable for all yoga levels as Doria always gives several options. I really liked it. Will attend again for sure!


(September 04 2019 )

Yesterday I finally enjoyed my first Naked Yoga lesson. I really felt so powerful and relaxed at the same time. But what I really liked was your professionalism and the high level of quality. Everything was clean and had a nice smell. You really do it with passion so that is what I was looking for. Thank you so much and see you soon to enjoy a new one. Thank you 🙏🏻


(June 04 2019 )

Thank you for your last class of yoga that I attended. It was highly positively charged and I will remember it. For all of you ladies and gentlemen from all ages and backgrounds, Doria is a yoga teacher who has reached possibly one of the highest steps. It is beyond body physiology as body and soul have united within yoga. Core beliefs and values are absolutely embraced. It can be seen or reached in other disciplines in theory, but not everyone who trains succeeds. What Doria is doing with her body cannot be done by many who train. Now that I know personally Doria, I can say that she reached or will definitely reach one of the last steps of progress. This is my personal opinion based on my theology and sociology studies from more than a decade ago. I invite you all to attend her classes and to find out the steps that she reached 😉 Molto brava, bravissima!

George Arabia

(May 31 2019 )

I am following you on Instagram and I felt really inspired by your passion and your values. As I was in London on a professional trip, I took the opportunity to book a private lesson. Doing Yoga is helping me to start the day, full of energy with the right mindset. Doing Yoga naked gives me more mindfulness of my body, of the beauty of my body, going one step further on the awareness of the movements. To all women who are not sure about trying Naked Yoga, give it a try! It is a very different experience. Thank you for your guidance, for your patience, for your nice encouragements, for pushing my boundaries a little further. Looking forward to meet you again very soon.


(May 20 2019 )

Doria’s classes are full of happiness, joy and fun. It only confirms my attitude that yoga doesn’t have to be taken too seriously and it is good to try new positions and have a good laugh if you fail. My body opened up a lot and I felt relaxed and safe. It was so natural to be in my skin and I felt gratitude and love. Thank you for leading such classes. With love.


(May 11 2019 )

Yoga marathon last night was totally awesome… I think you run the best yoga classes I have ever attended and I have done a few! Gutted about bank holiday break as it means no yoga for 2 weeks!


(April 30 2019 )

Hey Doria. Thank you so much for the lovely and challenging class yesterday. I found it life-affirming and I left feeling great. I am looking forward to getting the chance to do more. In the meantime, I will work on what we talked about. All the best 🙏🏻


(April 24 2019 )

Many thanks Doria! That was a great yoga session I am so happy that I attended. That is a big thing for me as I have a long history of bad thoughts/size complex etc, I have felt a thought of freedom tonight for which I am happy and grateful. I am a reflexologist and massage therapist, I have done for some time various treatment sessions using specialist techniques. I have noticed when you approached me your high levels of inner energy. I had many work experiences and collaborations or meetings with various colleagues or other therapists; I haven’t met such high energy levels as yours with such minimal interactions.
Well done!
Hope to see you soon.


(April 09 2019 )

My first time in the yoga class of Doria was really amazing. With a very nice music from the beginning to the end and with very low slightly red tinted light, the atmosphere was really cozy and inviting. Once there and clothes off the rest of the people in the class transmitted really good vibes and for some reason they made me feel extremely comfortable. Through the class we did Yin yoga where keeping non easy positions during long periods and changing from one to other slowly; the body finished renewed, healthy, full of energy and happiness. I definitely recommend this class and I will start going frequently from now on.


(April 03 2019 )

Dear Doria, I just wanted to thank you for yesterday’s introductory session. It was wonderful and most inspiring. You have really encouraged me to take further steps down the yoga path. Thank you so very much.


(March 31 2019 )

I had the experience to meet you last night in your yoga class and from the moment I saw you that was a revelation. Doria you are inspirational, beautiful and indeed a woman.


(March 24 2019 )

Thank you for a great naked yoga experience. I felt very comfortable doing it with you. Being my first nude yoga with someone. I hope to work more with you in the future. You are very professional, and passionate. Thank you again!


(March 17 2019 )

Hi Doria, thank you so much for allowing me to attend your Co-Ed class on Monday. After studying/practicing yoga for five years, this was my first naked yoga class. I was a little apprehensive on arrival, but once I had sat down on the mat I felt extremely relaxed and comfortable within the surroundings of your lovely little studio. Your class was extremely enjoyable, providing options for various levels of ability, but most importantly, flowed very smoothly from standing to sitting postures. I will definitely be returning when I am next back in London (attending along with my yogini partner) to further my practice!
Thank you once more!


(February 13 2019 )

Thank you for leading a great class the other night. I travel around the world constantly so unfortunately won’t be able to join you on a regular basis. But I found your class to be relatively challenging (in a good way!) and then so peaceful and calming at the end. A lovely juxtaposition!


(February 10 2019 )

Thanks for the Women Only Naked Yoga classes – I really enjoyed the meditation bit and unlike other yoga classes, it was not about showing off who can do the deepest stretch… So it was really nice.


(February 02 2019 )

I always thought I was fairly body-shy but I didn’t realise to what extent before the class, as it turns out I was absolutely petrified, with a proper racing heart, nervous sweats and inability to sleep the night before. That worry evaporated within about 5 mins of being in the studio. You’ve created a wonderful space with a variety of body-types where everyone felt welcome. To be honest I kind of forgot that I was even naked.
Also as someone new to yoga, I found Yin to be a good jumping on point, and despite thinking I’d be quite stiff the day after I actually wasn’t too bad. It was also good not to be the only beginner in the room.
There is a possibility that I might have to move out in a month or so for work – but if I’m still in London I will definitely be coming to the beginners’ course.
Thanks again for an amazing experience!


(January 20 2019 )

I never thought that Naked Yoga could have been ‘my thing’. I’ve always been self-conscious and felt quite uncomfortable naked, even with my husband. I’ve watched Sex, Knives and Liposuction, the documentary on WTV Channel that Doria made with Cherry Healey and BBC about body image, and it gave me the courage to book my very first Naked Yoga private class. I have to say, I was blown away! After my session I felt empowered and much more confident about my body. I know it will be a long journey but I’m happy I finally discovered naked yoga and I’m glad to work with such an inspiring woman. Doria is strong, brave and caring and it’s a pleasure to learn from her.


(September 30 2018 )

Doria’s class is such a breath of fresh air! All the worry and apprehension about being naked is gone within the first five minutes and it feels so safe and welcoming. The practice itself is also brilliant – just the right amount of challenge but you really feel like you can do as much or little as possible at your own pace too. It is so revitalising and invigorating – I would HIGHLY recommend to try it!


(September 09 2018 )

What can I say? That was a gorgeous Reiki experience, Doria. How can I ever thank you for your care and safety and beautiful energy and angelic healing. Doria you are extraordinary and gifted and brilliant. Thank you for trusting me and guiding me where I went. I feel rested, at peace, aligned, whole, healthy, ready to serve. Your gifts to me will flow out to the many people I will touch. Thank you. I saw your video on youtube, it is perfect and courageous. Thank you for what you have given me and what you are bringing to the world. I can’t wait to spend time with you again when I am next in London. Sending thanks and blessings.


(August 28 2018 )

I am so grateful to Doria for what was such an exhilarating first-time experience of naked yoga. I have enjoyed beginner-level yoga for a few months now but Doria’s Co-Ed naked yoga classes are so liberating and empowering. I also found that I was able to push myself much harder than I would otherwise have been able to do wearing sportswear. The class pushed me physically and took me out of my comfort zone but did so in such a gentle, supportive, and non-judgmental atmosphere. I left with the most amazing endorphin rush and sense of accomplishment. Namaste.


(August 05 2018 )

Doria is an extremely warm and genuine person who makes you feel comfortable and at ease from the moment you meet her. I had some important decisions to make and wanted to find a space where I could clear my mind from the stresses of life and I am so happy I found Doria. The session exceeded all my expectations and at the end of the session I felt completely relaxed and at ease with the decisions I needed to make. Thank you Doria and I look forward to our next lesson.


(July 29 2018 )

Dear Doria,

Thank you again for a memorable first session with you; as soon as I return from France I am looking forward to our next session. You are a perfect teacher for me, balancing perfectly my desire to be pushed, with your precise observation of my limitations and desire to get the move completed as correctly as possible. I felt totally safe in the knowledge that you knew exactly what you are doing and was able to impart this knowledge to me. You also make it fun; it is a real pleasure to practice yoga with you, thank you again so much.



(July 21 2018 )

Truly inspiring individual… And most free spirit I know. xx


(July 08 2018 )

Doria made me feel completely at ease, comfortable, unjudged and safe in my own skin. I thought she was coming from a place of depth, sensitivity and wisdom. Her training really shows, but it is more than that – I see her as also putting her essential humanity and depth into how she teaches and engages with others. When I asked her to share why the naked part of the practice is important, I loved her answer. She said it is about showing up with no barrier, no artifice, no hindrance to being who we really are, just as we came into the world.


(June 24 2018 )

Having never tried yoga before I was a little daunted by signing up to a random group lesson in London, but Doria’s private lesson was everything I was looking for. Doria was super warm and welcoming, putting me at complete ease from the moment I arrived. We sat and discussed all about why I wanted to start yoga and what I was looking to gain from practicing. After the class, the feeling of calm, confidence and general well-being was overwhelming. I have already booked more sessions and can’t wait to get going again! Would highly recommend to anyone who is even slightly considering starting their journey! Thank you Doria!


(June 14 2018 )

I didn’t know the existence of Naked Yoga until I watched Doria’s documentary at the East End Film Festival, “Bare with me”. This short film really opened my eyes to a new perception of the naked body and so I decided to book a class with her.

Doria is simply amazing! She’s calm, engaging and strong, a mix between Kylie Minogue and Calissi. I’m going trough a new phase in my life and I’m glad to do it with her and her teaching. Yoga is magical and if you practice naked, it become incredibly powerful.

Thanks Doria for your light.


(May 10 2018 )

After a winter of unfulfilled good intentions my body was starting to complain. Finally deciding to do something about it, I took the plunge and booked a lesson with Doria.

My pre-lesson nerves were quickly allayed. Doria is a very engaging teacher and soon puts you at ease. The lesson was challenging but rewarding. Doria is quick to encourage, but careful to ensure I didn’t push myself too far.

Hopefully this will be the first of many visits.


(February 14 2018)

My experience with the naked yoga class was simply unforgettable.
I thoroughly enjoyed it so much that I quickly booked the class the following week.

Why Naked Yoga?

Well never before have I felt so comfortable in my own skin.
Nobody judges, nobody stares, everyone is just 100% focused on what they are doing.
You actually completely forget you’re nude & it feels wonderful.
No wife nagging me to put my shirt back on & hide away my fat belly. 😉
The yoga class was so exhilarating, I felt completely invigorated afterwards.

I have suffered from chronic back pain for over 10 years, spending a fortune on Physio, Chiro & wasting my time with pain killers, but honestly, nothing ever felt as therapeutic before as this.
I felt simply fabulous afterwards & my mindset felt refreshed & ready for the week ahead.
Doria certainly knows how to animate a class & warm up a room with positive golden glow.
Thank you Doria for bringing some sunshine & energy back into my body mind & soul.
It’s great to have the feel good factor back again.


(February 05 2018)

As Doria says, “If you don’t try you don’t know”! And she’s so right. I’ve been overthinking about booking a naked yoga class for so long and now that I have finally experienced it I’m so grateful I did it. Naked Yoga is really powerful, it gives you the opportunity to embrace your imperfections and finally love them. We are unique and we are beautiful, full stop. Once again, if you don’t try you don’t know.

Thanks Doria for opening my eyes and for pushing me out of my comfort zone so badly, I will be eternally grateful.



(January 26 2018)

What an amazing Friday afternoon. Today I went to my first yoga class with Doria Gani. I can not rate it highly enough. This wonderful lady was so easy and immediately made me feel even more relaxed than I already was after my spin class. Yes this was naked yoga. So what? Get over it. Naked yoga is not sexual in anyway at all. It is your body, your skin. Being naked helps remove any barriers and helps me to become happier with my body, accept my body and start to love my body. On top of that there’s no clothes to restrict my/our movement. I love the meditation we performed, I never have done this before. I shall definitely be making time for this practice. The yoga moves Doria taught myself were challenging and enjoyable. Doria was excellent in helping myself improve my posture and form for the various positions. I left feeling more confident, loving myself a little more, more positive and energised. I can not wait for my next lesson with Doria.


(January 15 2018)

I have no words to express my gratitude towards Doria and to her great knowledge of yoga. Doria’s class was like a magic tale and very powerful. A travel in time and space. Everybody worked in great harmony.

Thank you Doria. I will return from France.


(December 14 2017)

I finally found MY teacher!! Doria is exactly the kind of guidance that I was looking for. I had a very difficult birth which left me with a huge scar on my abdomen. After the surgery, I have always been afraid of showing my naked body and this insecurity built up with time. Having had the courage to book a class with Doria, I’m now addicted to her teaching and I’m looking forward to working with her every week. I’m now accepting my own body with all my imperfections and I’m happy to share my experience. DORIA THANKS for being awesome and BRAVE!


(November 20 2017)

I am so lucky to have found Doria’s class! She is an incredible and patient teacher, who has opened up a challenging world of yoga – exactly what I need. Doria has a magic about her teaching that makes me so comfortable and motivated in every class.

I can not say enough great things about Doria’s teachings! She is fantastic!


(November 05 2017)

I really enjoyed Doria’s class. She is an excellent teacher and led the class beautifully.
I was apprehensive about attending, but Doria led the class so well that you kind of just forget about the naked thing.

The studio is a really nice space, with sensible numbers in the class. It’s one of the only yoga classes I have been to, where you aren’t all cramped in with 40 other students!

I highly recommend this class. You will feel amazing afterwards.


(September 22 2017)

Doria has a profound knowledge of yoga, and is a genuine expert. She made me think about the classes I attended previously, which now appear superficial in comparison. She is able to make yoga deep, whilst at the same time keeping the session fun.

She has a fun and inspiring personality, and one certainly comes away feeling enriched by the experience.


(September 18 2017)

Wasn’t sure what to expect but I had a very pleasant surprise! I felt very welcomed by Doria and the class had a fantastic flow to it, different modifications for different level of students. During shavasana I felt like I was in paradise! I will keep my Tuesdays free to attend Doria’s classes, I will definitely come back again.


(August 06 2017)

Hello Doria. Thank you again for a wonderful session yesterday. Paula and I felt great afterwards, even if a little sore. What a fabulous and free way to practice yoga, amazing and you were an exceptional instructor. It will be on our “must do” list if we come back, and will definitely recommend to any friends we think would be open to the class.

G and P

(June 19 2017)

From the first ‘hello’ Doria makes you feel welcome and at ease. My first session was challenging but extremely rewarding. I knew instantly that this was the place I was meant to be.

Having been several more weeks now, I can honestly say each one has been progressively more enjoyable, with better outcomes. Each time, I leave feeling more relaxed, more energised, more aligned (inside and out), more accomplished, more everything that is positive.

And it really is down to the amazing Doria! She always manages to put a smile on my face!

I began my journey into yoga simply wanting to be more flexible, but I have learned so much more and benefited in multiple ways.

Doria, for your part in this, thank you!


(May 20 2017)

An excellent class in a nice, warm and friendly environment. Doria was welcoming and helped to make it a comfortable experience with a professional environment.

I will definitely attend again in the future.


(April 16 2017)

Really good value, wasn’t sure what to expect but very pleasantly surprised! Felt very welcome by the teacher, the class had a fantastic flow to it and I left thoroughly well worked and satisfied!


(April 10 2017 )

Below are some words that only begin to describe Doria and her Yoga class that I attended this evening: creative, playful, grounding, enlightening, heartfelt, balanced, peaceful, joyful, challenging, welcoming.

Part of it is her presence, part her thoughtful approach to movement and alignment, part what she’s able to bring out in each of the people in the room.

I am eternally grateful for her contribution to my spiritual growth and enlightenment by accepting me into her class. At first I thought I would feel embarrassed, but after the first couple of minutes I relaxed and I believe it has opened my eyes to a new kind of yoga.

She breathes so much love and light into her teaching – it is impossible to leave without a euphoric spirit and a smile.


(March 21 2017)

I had the immense pleasure of practising with Doria for the first time this week and it was a fabulous experience. She’s a wonderful, warm and inspiring teacher and deftly led the class of mixed-abilities, succinctly outlining the 3 options for each level. As for the naked part… You really need to experience it to appreciate how non-confronting it is. The room is dark, lit only by the orange glow from the heaters and the mats are arranged in a horse-shoe, so no one is behind or in front of you. Vinyasa Flow is an energetic style and you are so focused on your own practise and your own breath that the rest of the class melts away to peripheral consciousness. It honestly feels like the natural way to practise yoga to me and I’ll be taking Doria’s class as often as possible.


(February 24 2017)

My yoga experience with Doria has been nothing short of wonderful. The setting is warm and welcoming. She gives us modifications if any poses are too difficult, and is very pleasant to be taught by. I have gone for two weeks straight and I look forward to attending many more sessions. Naked yoga is a great way to get in touch with our true selves, without hiding anything or expecting to be different than how we are…

Thank you so much Doria!

Marla G

(February 04 2017)

I can only say – go for it! – whether you are an experienced yogi(ni) like I am, or are new to this world.

A class with Doria will definitely take you to the next level and you will be in the safest of hands from beginning to end.

Thank you and … Namaste


(January 26 2017)

Just wanted to say thanks again for that session; it felt like a weight was lifted off my shoulders.


(January 22 2017)

Thanks for an incredible class! I booked a private lesson with Doria – when she arrived I felt immediately comfortable and more relaxed by simply being in her presence.

I have done yoga a few times before, this session with Doria felt like no other, it gave me a feeling I have never previously felt from yoga. a really healing experience for both my body and mind.

I can’t wait to book again!


(December 03 2016)

I’m a complete beginner and I was quite scared of just thinking of trying yoga as I’m not flexible at all. I must admit, Doria is a very kind and beautiful soul, she guided me through this journey in a very special way, with patience and dedication. I have discovered that we don’t have to be flexible to practise yoga, we just need to enjoy the journey and trust the process. For anyone sceptical, please give it a try, Doria is an absolute pleasure to practice with you!!!! Thanks Andrea


(December 03 2016)

I was interested in trying Naked Yoga for a long time when a friend recommended me Doria. I’ve been practising with her for about 6 months and I just love it! It is a completely liberating experience and I always leave feeling rejuvenated.


(September 18 2016)

I’m one of the Doria’s Instagram and Facebook followers and I had the pleasure to meet her during one of her trips here in Bali. As Doria had only 3 days left in Bali we only had a couple of sessions. She is passionate, funny, and friendly. Her love for yoga really come through in her classes and her teaching style is clear, strong as motivating. I use to spend 6 months in Bali and 6 in London, so, I will definitely contact her again in September once back in UK. Thanks Doria, keep doing what you love.


(February 26 2016)

Doria’s classes are quite simply my favourite. I practice yoga every week in London, at a variety of studios with a number of teachers as my schedule suits. However, I keep to Doria’s classes. They are challenging, fun and varied. In particular, I love how great they are for toning and conditioning, and how she encourages you to push yourself to achieve beyond your expectations. I play football and my strength and endurance on the pitch has noticeably improved since I started Doria’s classes. Highly recommended! 🙂


(January 07 2016)

I met Doria through FitnessOnFire in Westminster and I decided to book a One to One session with her. Doria has shown me what meditation can be through movement. Her classes are truly an amazing experience and one that has become integral to my practice. I find myself being able to push myself in her classes through my body breath and mind and supersede my limitations. She has so much knowledge to share and I am so thankful to be able to deepen my practice with her!


(March 31 2015)

Amazing and inspiring yoga teacher!


(November 30 2014)

Doria was fantastic, her warm welcome, energy and professionalism made for a great session. This was my first but not my last yoga session and I feel well worked and ready for more. Absolutely recommended!


(August 24 2014)

That was superb! A bit hard but definitely worth it! looking forwards to keep the balance just with my head…let’s say lesson n.4!! Thank you and namaste!


(April 29 2014)

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