Namaste, yoga lovers! 🙏 Are you ready to finally take up yoga? Have you been fearing not being prepared enough to join a class? Well, that’s no longer an excuse: for those of you who need a gentle but extensive introduction, on Monday 29 October I will be launching my first Beginners Naked Yoga Course.

This is a 6-week foundational class that will help you feel comfortable in your body and familiar with the practice of Yoga. We will explore physical alignment to safely move through the poses (asanas), and simple breathing exercises (pranayama) to help you build strength, increase flexibility, and practice mindfulness.

3 reasons why you should sign up

1. You have never practised yoga – and you don’t feel like you can just show up at a drop-in class. With a beginners course, you can be guided through the fundamentals of yoga and learn simple breathing techniques.

2. You feel you need a stronger foundation before you explore different yoga styles. With a beginners course, you will be grounded in the basic asanas (yoga poses) that you will always rely on for practice.

3. You need a routine – either to stick to a fixed time in your diary, or to practice with a regular group of people. Build your confidence by committing to only 6 classes initially, then you’ll find you’re ready to explore.

I’ve thought about this, you know. It’s not a coincidence that this course will end at the beginning of December. It means you will end the year having learnt a new skill and having done something good for yourself. Then you will be able to enjoy December’s festivities, and in January you will feel equipped to take on yoga as the best New Year’s resolution I can think of!

The details

When: from Oct 29th to Dec 3rd 2018
Schedule: Mondays, 8pm
Where: Clapham North
Who is it for: Open to both men and women

Email me at to book your place now!