Join my Naked Yoga classes in London

Every Monday at 18:15 AND 20:00 for a 90 min Co-Ed Naked Yoga session. Find out more




Naked Yoga means practicing yoga without the contraints of clothing. 
There is a sense of freedom practising yoga naked: freedom from negative feelings about your body,

and deeper connection with yourself and the world around you.



While many equate being naked with sex, this couldn't be further from the truth

in a naked yoga class. Naked Yoga is about being comfortable in your own skin

and the amazing confidence that comes with it.

It's about knowing, accepting and loving yourself at your core.


Some useful information:


I offer one-to-one sessions, couples and groups classes.


One-to-one classes will be held in Fulham Broadway. The studio will always be private, offering a warm and safe place to practice Naked Yoga.


Any style of yoga can be practiced during a Naked Yoga session. Each class will be designed with the individual in mind. I will take into account experience, preferences, level of ability and any injuries.


Any level of practitioners are welcome to Naked Yoga, from Beginners to Advanced. Just come with an open mind and you will discover the purest version of yourself.


Before we start, a consultation will take place between myself and the student so that I can be made aware of any injuries the client may have. We will get undressed. The class will start with some pranayama (breathing technique), followed by asanas (poses). We will end with a few minutes of meditation, and savasana (final relaxation). A short forehead massage with essential oils will be given to the student, please let me know if you have any allergies.


You can bring your own mat or it will be provided at the studio. If you don’t have a mat, please bring a towel for protection.

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