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A dedicated class for individuals or intimate groups of up to three people.
Enhance your practice through undivided attention and personalised tutoring.
Both for those interested in exploring naked yoga, and for regular yoga students.


I hold weekly naked yoga classes in Clapham North on Monday (18:15 & 20:00) and Clapham Junction on Wednesday, (19:00) London.
These are open to both men and women, and we practice in the Vinyasa and Yin style.
Click below to choose from a range of packages.


Want to experience clothed/naked yoga but can’t commit to regular weekly classes, or simply you don’t live in London?
I am happy to offer personalised practice and coaching calls through Skype.
Contact me to arrange the schedule that best suits you.


Public retreats: the opportunity to take some time off to fully immerse in yoga practice. We practice yoga twice a day, in beautiful settings.               Private retreats: take a private yoga teacher along with your family or friends on holiday. Contact me to organise your retreat (naked or standard yoga). 


If you are going through a period of transition in your life, Skype Coaching Calls will give you a deeper understanding of yourself and your place in the world.       I will help you transform your life from stress, anxiety, fear and overwhelm to one of balance, peace,      happiness and fulfilment. 


During the private session, ​you will learn the essentials for meditation, how to relax through breathing techniques, postures, and other suggested practices for home. This is excellent if you are seeking inner healing, and would prefer one-on-one time and attention addressing your specific needs and questions.


If you are not sure about yoga or naked yoga and would like to have an initial call to discuss your goals with me, you can now book your “Skype Introduction Call”. This is a 15 min Skype call where we introduce each other and discuss your concerns. The proceeds will be donated to “Cancer Research UK”.


Known as couples yoga or partner yoga, this practice allows two people to relate to one another through assisted poses. From stretching your levels of trust to strengthening your communication, couples yoga can have a positive effect on your relationship that extends far beyond the physical. 

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