As I run Naked Yoga classes all day long, I definitely need some snacks to keep me going. Away from the main meals, snacks can give you the required boost you need before and after your yoga practice.

But be mindful: if not chosen correctly, these small bites could do more harm than good, as often they contain a lot of hidden sugars. So it’s important to snack in reasonable quantities as part of a balanced diet. Here are three healthy options that I definitely recommend:


Granola bars

Healthy Yoga Granola BarGranola bars are made by tossing together ingredients such as toasted grains, nuts, seeds, spices and dried fruits. These are combined using a sticky ingredient, such as honey, melted butter or sugar. Then, the mixture is pressed into a mould and cooled down. You can cut them into squares and enjoy them.

You can buy granola already made, but check the ingredients carefully, since supermarket granola can be packed with a lot of unhealthy sugars and oils. But these are great. 

Best option? Make them yourself. It’s quite fun, not hard at all, and that way you know precisely what goes in. Also, you can divide your batch into smaller ones, that you can flavour the way you prefer. Just add different nuts, fruits and spices to each batch.

Some of the flavours I like the most are: cranberries and white chocolate chips, apples and cinnamon, dried cherries and chocolate chips, blueberries and almonds, raspberries and apples, raisins and oats… So just pick the one you prefer! Find inspiration in this book too. 

The benefits of eating granola bars are various for yogis. Grains used are rich in fibre and iron. At the same time, nuts and seeds are rich in healthy fats and proteins. And all of these are highly needed for yoga practice!


Fruit and nut butter

Healthy Fruit Nut Butter Yoga SnackThis snack is really simple to make, and the perfect solution when you’re really hungry and don’t have snacks handy.

You probably have some fruit as well as a jar of your favourite nut butter in the house. Fruit gives you vitamins and fibres, and nut butters add a great taste! Super healthy, and it’ll keep you full for longer. This is the one I prefer. 

Nut butters are packed with protein, healthy fats, fibres, vitamins and minerals. As they are quite caloric, spreading them on fruits limits the quantity you are having. So this is definitely a great combination.


Protein balls

Healthy Yoga Snack Protein Ball EnergyMaking protein balls is really fun, and it doesn’t take more than 10 minutes. Also, it ends up being way cheaper than buying ready-made ones, and you can customise them with your favourite ingredients.

To make the balls, I recommend you use rolled oats with a runny nut butter. If you have a sweet tooth, you can also add some honey into the mix. To vary flavours, you can even incorporate unsweetened cocoa powder or coconut flakes.

Add mini chocolate chips, dried fruits, nuts, seeds and spices. I personally really like the taste of cranberries combined with almonds. I always use these cranberries. Then, shape the small balls, and you’re done!

If you can’t find the time, I recommend these, which are really tasty.

As yogis, protein balls are really great. They are particularly convenient to carry with you when you’re out. Before your practice, they provide great energy. After your practice, your muscles will absorb the proteins they contain more easily, thanks to the oats which are packed with fibres and proteins.

What’s your favourite snack? Have you ever made your own? Let’s share tips and recipes!