Did you know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day? Having breakfast every morning is key to a balanced day and a balanced diet. You really shouldn’t skip it.

I experiment quite often with my breakfasts, and I came up with three that I’m sure you will enjoy. They are packed with nutritious elements that will give you enough power to rock your yoga practice!



Porridge breakfast healthy yoga balancedPorridge is incredibly versatile. No matter what you have in your cupboard, you will find something to add to it for sure.

For instance, oats are popular. You can use these. You can also try this special rice. If you are into having different textures, this is fine too since you can put whole, chopped or even crushed grains in your porridge.

Then, you can play with a variety of liquids, such as water or your favourite milk. If you prefer, you can use yoghurt instead.

For flavour, this is probably the most customisable breakfast: sweet or not, with or without toppings. Porridge can turn incredibly fancy if you add fresh fruit, nuts or extra seeds on top! Don’t forget about spices. If you feel inspired, I recommend this book with really nice recipes.

Why is porridge so great for yogis? Because it has a lot of fibre and therefore the carbs it contains release energy slowly. So that you can master your yoga practice without your blood sugar levels dropping suddenly, and without feeling hungry. A must!


Fruit bowl

Fruit Bowl Healthy Breakfast YogaFruit bowls are also super adaptable. The base can be made with porridge, yoghurt or chia seeds pudding, obtained by letting chia seeds, such as these, soak in liquid.

For toppings, choose your fruits, preferably seasonal. You can always use apples, bananas, strawberries, kiwis or mangoes. Perhaps add little granola, I really like this one. Then, some nuts and dried fruits. You can find many recipes in this book.

Eating a fruit bowl as a yogi is the perfect way to feed your body with natural sugars before your practice. Also, if you add potassium-rich bananas, it could even decrease the risk of cramps.



Breakfast Pancakes Yoga Healthy VeganPancakes definitely take a bit more time to be prepared. But you can make them in advance and enjoy them later on.

I really like this super easy recipe, packed with great ingredients. As a basis, mix a mashed banana with two eggs. Here you go, your batter is ready! For a vegan option, you can substitute the eggs with wholewheat flour and water or a milk of your choice. I always use this specific wholewheat flour. Couldn’t be simpler. See this book for other alternatives. 

The fun part is in the customisation. In the batter, you can add any seeds you like, such as flax seeds, hemp seeds, sunflower seeds such as these… Enjoy the pancakes when they are still warm, with your favourite topping.

As a yogi, you know that your muscles are deeply used when practicing. But did you know that bananas are one of the richest fruit in terms of proteins? That means that eating these pancakes could help you to reinforce your muscles and be so beneficial for your yoga practice! I’m a big fan.