What are your plans for this summer? Chances are that you will be going to the beach. If that’s the case, why not choose a nudist one this time? I find it really powerful and liberating to sunbathe naked. This is why I listed for you my favourite nudist beaches around the world. Have a read and let me know your favourite spots!


Lady Bay Beach, Sydney, Australia

Nudist Beach Sydney Australia Summer Sun

Lady Bay Beach is really great because even though it is very close to Sydney, it is also very secluded. It makes it the perfect location for any nudist sunbather out there. The beach is in Sydney Harbour National Park, which has many great hiking trails that you could also tackle (you might have to put clothes on for that, though!).




Wreck Beach, Vancouver, Canada

Nudist beach Vancouver Canada sun

Wreck Beach is the only clothing-optional beach within city limits in Canada. It’s just 15 minutes from downtown Vancouver, so very accessible. At about 7.8 kilometres long, it’s North America’s largest naturist beach. Access is from a trail path and down 400 steps (or up, when you come back!), so you can also slot in your workout for the day!




Red Beach, Crete, Greece

Nudist beach Greece sun summer


Red Beach is absolutely stunning. Its name reflects the red sand and cliffs that surround it. It is also very secluded as it is only reachable after a hike or a boat ride. From the beach, there is a stunning view of the entire bay, which is worth a look on its own.




Little Beach, Maui, Hawaii

nudist beach Hawaii sun summer


If you are into volcanic stones and snorkeling, you should definitely go to Little Beach in Hawaii., to see if you can spot turtles and tropical fish. And every Sunday evening, there is a drum circle show on the beach, with fire dancing. An absolute must-see.




Cap d’Agde Beach, France

nudist beach cap d'agde sun summer

If going to a nudist beach is not enough for you and you would rather spend your vacation in an entirely nudist place, have you ever heard of Cap d’Agde? This French village is the biggest clothing-optional beach resort worldwide. Watch out for following newsletters as I will tell you more about this place really soon.




Neve Midbar, North Dead Sea, Israel

nudist beach Israel sun summer Dead Sea

This beach is probably the only place in the Middle East where it is legal to be publicly naked. As it is located next to the Dead Sea, it is also really exciting as you can float in it too, all of it in the nude.




Haulover Beach Park, Miami, Florida

nudist beach Miami sun summer

Haulover Beach is the most popular nudist beach in the United States. Because of its particularly attractive temperatures, you can be in the bare there literally all year long. It’s also quite an experience to sunbathe with Miami’s skyscrapers in the background.



So, what are you waiting for? Let’s go to nudist beaches!