We are right in the middle of July and the sun is shining. All you want is to spend as much time as you can outside. I totally get you. That’s why you should try practicing yoga outdoorsI This is something I really enjoy doing and you should give it a go if you can. Find below three reasons that should inspire you to do so.


Awaken your senses

practice yoga outdoors garden park

When you practice in a yoga studio, your senses are naturally limited to the space you are in. Your eyes can’t go further than the walls, you breathe the same air throughout your practice, the only thing you can touch is the mat and you often don’t listen to any nature-related sound. Well, all of this could change if you practiced outdoors.

Just imagine doing yoga outside, in a park for instance. Your eyes could go as far as the horizon. You’d be breathing fresh air and you could actually put a name on what you are smelling: the grass or the bark of a tree. When it comes to the touch, you could practice directly on the grass. You could be feeling a light breeze or the sun directly on your skin. And for the sounds, you could ear leaves moving around or birds singing.


Be inspired

practice yoga outdoors garden park

You’ve probably already heard the suggestion ‘Look at the sky’ during practice. Except in a studio, the only thing you can see is the ceiling. The magic thing in doing yoga outdoors is that you can really connect with nature when you practice. When you should be looking at the sky, you are really looking at it. You can see clouds, birds flying around, the sun.

The same goes when you are asked to ‘touch the earth’ or ‘lay on the ground’. If you are outside, you can feel the grass under your hands and feet. I find this to be extremely inspiring, as we can deeply connect with nature.


Feel better

practice yoga outdoors garden park

Did you know that there is a direct correlation between the time you spend outdoors and your levels of cortisol, which is also called the stress hormone? The more you are outside and the less cortisol you have within your body. In other words, the less stressed you feel. Simple as that.

Also, being outside allows you to get the vitamin D that your body needs. We often lack this vitamin as we are not really exposed to the sun during winter time. Vitamin D is really important as it helps you to absorb calcium, and this process is key in having strong bones.


So, let’s get outside and practice yoga together!