Many recent studies have found several unexpected effects of nudism. What was of particular interest to me was that nudism is connected with a positive body image, and overall happiness – and this is precisely what Doria Yoga is all about. So I wanted to write a few words about this – have a read and let me know your thoughts!


What do these studies show?

In 3 studies conducted by the Journal of Happiness Studies, it was shown that participation in nudist activities led to greater life satisfaction. A main reason for this was that nudist participants to the studies had a better body image and higher self-esteem, in comparison with non-nudist participants.

I know what you are thinking: “these nudist people already have high self-esteem and a positive body image. So it’s obviously not a problem for them to be naked when other people are around. They are just comfortable like this. Whereas people who have lower self-esteem and a rather bad body image wouldn’t even dare to be involved in any kind of nudist activity”.

I totally get you. But what you probably don’t know is that a significant proportion of nudists are actually people who had these issues previously.

How is that possible?

Being naked together with other people is incredibly powerful to improve your self-esteem and body image. It is very likely that at some point you will be next to someone who has a “flaw” that you feel like you have. You feel ashamed about it. But the person next to you doesn’t. Actually, no one next to you cares. So why would you? With these small questions, you already start feeling better about yourself.


The path to a greater body image and higher self-esteem

For sure, you can’t be comfortable naked overnight. But you can slowly improve. And you will feel so powerful with these small improvements you do. Which is how you can have a greater life satisfaction too.

I know so many people who would not even have dared to get changed in a collective changing room. They would go in the bathroom instead. After a few months, they started to get changed in the changing rooms. At some point, they got used to it. They then showered with other people being around. And they also got used to it.

Eventually, these people are always really proud of these achievements. They feel stronger, they are less scared. And they continue to change, for good. They notice their “flaws” less and less. They start to focus on what matters. Some of them take part in nudist activities. Others don’t. And it doesn’t matter. In all instances, they have a better body image and higher self-esteem.

It is all about fear. You fear getting changed in front of others, but realise that all the others do it. You are afraid of being judged, but no one even notices what you are ashamed of.

It’s OK if it takes you some time to realise it. It’s OK if it takes you some time to be used to it. So start this journey now, towards a healthier relationship with yourself.